Living EP

by Hold Ups

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This Ep has been a long time coming and is mostly songs we've been playing for a while but just haven't gotten recorded. We'd like to dedicate it to all our friends and fams that put up with us and still come hang out with us when we play. Special thanks to special band mom Sam Harvey, special brother man Kory Boutin, special recordorobotman Zach Brown, Batdad for letting us shake house every week, super fan merch maker Julia Brackett, cat mom Alyssa Grant, key locker in car Emily Penny and the Lowell Police dept. Love you.


released September 9, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Zach Brown



all rights reserved


Hold Ups Milford, New Hampshire

Born in Milford NH
ready for everywhere else.

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Track Name: Hair Bazaar Hair Bazaar
I don't want to think, about anything negative
Brought down so easily
Live a good life, done with dreaming
Live a good life, forgot the meaning
You always take, I always take, you always take, you always take
I always think that I'm not right, I told you before I don't wanna fight
Go your own way I'll go mine

Im running out of excuses
Im running out of fucking everything
Im losing touch with shit I didn't know in the first place
Too caught up in smoke and the interest of others
By my self my well being could not be bothered
If all I got left is a commute and a head ache I'll fucking cut my throat or sleep a little longer

I wish that I could escape my own head
disguising the reasons and searching for problems

You always take, you always take
I always think, that I'm not right
I've told you before I don't wanna fight
so you go your own way, and ill go mine
I've said it before, I said it before
Track Name: Everything Is Wicked Weird
I walked out on the frozen surface of osgood pond that January
Merely simulating danger, while sadness freezes into anger

I took it month by month
I sewed my self shut
Days of doubt and weeks of weakness
To hold myself up, I need this

And dare I say, I think I'm okay
This ice is thin, but it should hold my weight
2012 tore us apart
By 2013 I had a scar for a heart
Track Name: Kory Boutin's Mom/ Odicerous Business
I sat down today and listened to band I will not mention the name
I'm sad to say that this shit just isn't the same as the band that I was hooked on day after day

and I know I am only something to the kids on the floor
We play no games we need no names
This is all I want for myself
This is all we want for ourselves
And we have things to say
This is the way we know how to say it

This is an outlet, You don't have to plug into us
This is a reason to never give up
We will continue doing our best
This is the way we wanna stay
Be an example of your beliefs
Be a sample and furthermore, be yourself
Dont change yourself , just to make money
Don't lose your integrity, just to make money
Don't let us down, Just to make money
Don't let us down.

I've seen it before 1000 times, You're trying for nothing expecting everything.
Track Name: Ackwaman
I'll stay here underwater while you rush to the surface for air
Go fall in love with California

Tragically and uncontrollably
We are unfortunately spiraling to our defeat
We're disappearing into nothingness

Thats it run away, go ahead and run away
I hope one day you see it's all the same
Cars and buildings and shitty ass people out there

I'll stay here underwater while you rush to the surface for air
Go fall in love with California, I'll stay here and fuck myself
Track Name: Golden Palace Girl
I guess I honestly hardly knew you at all
I tried to ignite a fire I got smoke in my eye and that's all

All that i wanted was to see your world up close
All that i wanted was to feel less like a ghost
Track Name: Suck My Dick, You Fucking Bigot
I think I'm okay
I'm still living and I'm still breathing
and I'm finding out that's not the same thing

I'm alright but I'm fucked up
Some mornings bother me
I've had some thin ice late nights
That I still stay up wondering
If I accept this as the end
Will I regret forevermore
I know that I'm contentious and I know that I'm belligerent

If I accept this as the end
I'm afraid
I'll be a wreck forever more
I already know

I know were fucked beyond repair and that you can't stand me anymore.