Organic EP

by Hold Ups

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The 3rd incarnation of the idea of the "ORGANIC EP". Recorded in 12 hours with Bryce Kariger of Rigorous Recording in Groton Mass.


released June 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Hold Ups Milford, New Hampshire

Born in Milford NH
ready for everywhere else.

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Track Name: From Up Here, You Can See Everything
Wake up! Get up! Wake up! Keep up! Wake up! Stay up! Wake up! Hold yourself up
We live our lives through our disappointment
We rest, we rot
and we dont have time to prove it

Earn some satisfaction with your own two hands
While you still can
Hold yourself up
Track Name: Odicerous Business
I sat down today
Listened to a band I will not mention the name
I'm sad to say that this new shit just isnt the same
as the band that I was hooked on day after day

And I know I am
Only something to the kids on the floor
We play no games
We need no names
This is all I want for myself
This is all we want for ourselves

We have things to say
This is the way we know how to say it

This is an outlet, you dont have to plug into us
This is a reason, to never give up
We will continue, doing our best
This is the way we want to stay
Be an example of your beliefs, be a sample
and furthermore
Be yourself

Dont change your self, just to make money
Dont lose your integrity, just to make money
Dont let us down, just to make money
Dont let us down, just to make money
Track Name: Throw Out Your Robots
I want to stress how much I wouldnt be okay
If we didnt get to play
My life's a mess, borderline nervous breakdown
You're always broke, I'm always pissed
I feel like I have missed out on a lot
I havent fought all the battles I still want to win

But I'm okay when I'm here

I cant go long
Cant go on
Without this my favorite thing
I dont think I can, I know I dont want to wait til Friday night
I dont do well in the real world by myself I need my friends
By my side telling me I'll be fine

I know I cannot go long without this feeling that I love
2 days a week that I dont feel mad at all
I've been stay late each night
Til my brain convinces my heart
It's time to slow down
It's time to sleep right now

But when I wake up
This is all I'll ever want to
This is all we ever want to do

and I'm okay when I'm here
Track Name: Dirt
Into a stranger's arms
A shameful way of sidestepping pain
I walked a mile on a fence to forget or remember your name
I feel a pain
and my heart will not obey
I woke up
Said "Fuck this"
I'll keep my head up, you'll make your escape
So far away


It's your life, and it's your choice
but I once considered you trustworthy
Now you'll wake up in the morning
without me
When it's over you might realize youre full of regret and sorrow
maybe today you dont need me
you may kick yourself tomorrow
you may kick yourself

I'm down in the bottom again in the
You kept my spirits high
Back then
You dont understand, permanent damage
Has been done
Pride and trust broken
I'll climb towards the sun